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7 Cheap things to do in Amsterdam

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At the moment (2017) flights to Amsterdam have been cheaper, everyone is flooding to it. And why not? Amsterdam is truly a unique city. After all these years, it still has kept its charming cobbled streets and awkward looking houses. However, it is not the cheapest city to visit.

To keep your cost low but your experience high, I have listed 7 cheap things you can do in Amsterdam:

#1 Vondelpark

Vondelpark is a great place to sit down with your lunch and rest your feet after a day of sight-seeing. It is a weird park, full of weird sculptures which makes it cool to walk around. Find a place beside the lake to chill out and eat some lunch. The park does have a restaurant but it is cheaper to buy your lunch at a shop (e.g. HEMA, Albert Heijn, Jumbo) and bring it with you to the park.

#2Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is the top-rated activity to do in Amsterdam on Tripadvisor. This museum shows how Anne Frank when in hiding during the second world war. The museum was very moving and perfect way to remember the young girl. Every time I visit Amsterdam, there is always a massive queue so I recommend booking online to avoid the queue!

Admission prices:

Adults: €9,-
Age 10-17: €4,50
Age 0-9: free
Online ticket: €0.50 surcharge.



#3 Free walking tours

I am a huge lover of free walking tours. The tours are always so insightful and the tour guides are always so lovely and filled of local knowledge. Obviously, they do ask for a reasonable tip at the end of the tour but this isn’t mandatory. They are numerous free walking tours in Amsterdam. I have listed the most popular ones below:

Sandmans New Europe Free Walking Tours

Free tours in Amsterdam

Freedam Tours

Pick the tour that best suit your needs regarding date and times, what is included in the tours and the length of the tour.

#4 Cannabis College

This museum is free and aims to educate people on cannabis. Ask the employees all the questions you are too afraid to ask in the coffee shop, try out a vaporiser or look through various bongs.

#5 Walk through the red-light district after dark

The red light district is the famous area in Amsterdam where prostitutes line the streets in windows lit with red lights, hence the name. When it gets dark, the streets start to fill up with men with wondering eyes and giggling girls. It is a great spot to people watch. There are various sex shops and sex shows to also experience. TIP: Don’t try to take pictures near any prostitutes because they will throw cups of piss over you. Trust me, I’ve seen it!


Love Liza x

P.S. Let me know what you thought of this post and any other cheapest things to do in Amsterdam in the comments below!

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