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7 Ultimate Tips For Hiking Trolltunga, Norway


Astonishing views. Overwhelming amount of self-pride. Instagram worthy pictures. Trolltunga is famous for that one picture perfect view but you will need to sweat for it. Below are some tips that I learnt from hiking this great trail.

I conquered Trolltunga on July 2017. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but also something that I am so proud of! I am not a fit person. I’d rather be watching a film than go for a run. But I wanted to prove something to myself…. that I can do something that challenged me, something that I didn’t really think I could do. It may have broke me (I couldn’t walk properly for 3 days after the hike) but I am so proud that I made it to the top. It’s something that I will never forget. The sense of accomplishment and pride (and that view) was so worth the pain.

Below I have set out the best tips on how to hike this legendary hike. If I can do it, you can do it!

1.Train months in advance

This hike isn’t for the fainthearted or the couch potatoes. You need to be reasonably fit. I started going to the gym 4 months before the hike which was probably a bad idea. I should have been hiking actual mountains and started the gym earlier. I was definitely not ready for that hike but I still did it. But I still recommend to properly train so you don’t die afterwards and have multiple breakdowns during the hike.

2. Wear Appropriate Shoes

Wear proper hiking boots that you walk in for a full day. They must be waterproof as the ground gets really muddy when in rains, which it does a lot. They must have ankle support and grip for support. I have heard horror stories of people wearing their Nikes and having to seek medical attention for their blisters and other damages made to their feet.

3. Bring warm clothes

The weather is bipolar. One minute it will be raining and foggy and  the next the sun will be shining and you wonder how could the day have been so bad! Pack a waterproof coat, hat and gloves in your day bag and wear a fleece, t-shirt, Underarmour and waterproof trousers. Be prepared!

4. Leave early

Give yourself plenty of time to complete this hike before sunset/the last bus. Anything could happen. The weather could be so terrible at the top that you can’t even see Trolltunga so you have to wait until it blows over. Or, you have tripped and fell and need to take time out of your schedule to look at the wound. Or, you didn’t think it would have be

en so hard and take you so long. Half way up the mountain, there is a time check. If you pass that check after certain time, you are advised to turn around. We had to be up and down before the last bus at 19:00 which put a lot of pressure on us to complete the hike as fast as we could (a taxi would have been hella expensive!) If you don’t want this pressure, you can rent a car in the near by town – Odda which I recommend if you can afford it!

5.Pack lots of food and snacks

Have lots of snacks – approx one every other hour. I suggest snacks like mars bars, snickers or anything that has lots of sugar to keep your energy up. My go to snack when hiking is always a Mars bar. Also, have a good lunch for when you reach the top – sandwiches is always a good option because there won’t be anywhere to eat for miles!

6. Stay in Odda

I highly recommend not to camp up the mountain if you aren’t an expert camper/hiker. The mountain, in my opinion, is too steep to climb with a tent, trangia stove and other camping equipment on your back. Also, it is very hard to find a place to pitch your tent. The terrain is very rocky and uneven and even icy in some parts. We need see people camping, but not many. I suggest staying at Odda camping if you want to camp or stay in a self-service cabin. From Odda camping, there is bus that will take you straight to the start of the hike for a small price. Also there is also a bus to a glacier if  you want to do more than just hike! You can book your stay here >> Odda Camping

7. Take it easy

Take your time to hike the mountain. Don’t rush because everyone else is going faster. I don’t think we ever past anyone on our way up or the way down. Everyone seemed to find it easier than me but that didn’t mean I had to kill myself to keep up. I hiked at my own pace, push myself within my own limits and I did it. Stephen and I completed it within 11 hours. I am super proud of myself and that is all that matters.

8. Bring lots of water

Bring a large bottle of water or a camel back, drink when you need to drink, don’t try to save it for ‘later’. You can fill your water bottles and camel backs in the water falls that you pass. The water is completely save to drink as there are no animals that live that far up the mountain. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below! Please ignore the state I’m in.

9. Be Flexible.

The weather changes everything. You don’t want to hike the mountain when it’s a miserable wet day, not only will it not be enjoyable but it can also be very dangerous. At one point of the hike, you have to cross a waterfall on two planks of wood. It will probably rain (it is Norway after all) but be flexible enough to pick the best day. Don’t be like me and plan 3 months in advance and then realizing that it is forecaster to be torrential rain that day. Give yourself 3 or so days in Odda so you can pick the best day to hike!

Other points:

Many people advised us to bring a map and compass. However, if you are just looking to hike the mountain, not to camp or go off track, I don’t see the point. The trail is very easy to navigate, there are signs and pointers at every turn of the trail. Also if you go in the summer, it is very rare not to see someone in front of you leading the way (unless you go at a ridiculous time of the day). The maps were very hard to source and quite expensive so I do regret buying them.

The best time of year to hike is the summer. You can hike it in the Spring but you have to have a guide with you to lead the way. It is closed in the winter because it can be very dangerous if it is slippy.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Love Liza x

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